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Wicked Edge Precision Sharpeners

We use Wicked Edge Precison Sharpeners to sharpen most types of knives and broadhead arrow heads. The Wicked Edge is capable of producing bevels of great accuracy and when used with a digital angle gauge (such as Igaging) is capable of repeatable sub degree accuracy. The Wicked Edge uses 50 ANSI grit to 1,000 ANSI grit diamond stones, 1200/1600 ANSI grit ceramic stones, 800 JIS grit to 10,000 JIS grit Naniwa Chosera water stones, strops using diamond paste or spray to .5 micron and lapping film down to .3 micron. This combination of accuracy and edge finish gives knives and arrow heads incredible sharpness and edge retention.  


Twice As Sharp Scissor Sharpener

We use the Twice As Sharp to sharpen bevel edged scissors. The Twice As Sharp has excellent angle accuracy and the honing wheel gives a very sharp edge. You can expect scissors sharpened on the Twice As Sharp to be significantly sharper then new.


Twice As Sharp Rotary Blade Sharpener

We use the Twice As Sharp Rotary Blade Sharpener to sharpen 28mm, 45mm and 65mm rotary cutters as wel as rotary knives to 42cm in diameter.


Shapton Glass and Shapton Pro Waterstones

Shapton Glass Waterstones from 220 JIS grit to 16000 JIS grit

Shapton Pro waterstones from 120 JIS grit to 30000 JIS grit

We use Shapton Glass and Pro waterstones to sharpen Japanese knives and in conjunction with a Richard Kell honing guide to sharpen chisels and plane blades. The waterstones are frequently flattened with the Shapton diamond lapping plate to ensure accurate bevels and flat backs on chisels and plane blades. 

Tormek T7 slow speed water cooled grinder

We use the Tormek T7 with 250/1000 JIS grit and 4000 JIS grit Japanese waterstone wheels to sharpen knives, scissors and twist drills. The Tormek wheel rotates at 90 rpm and runs in a waterbath that eliminates the posibility of heating a blade and losing its temper. The Tormek allows relatively acurate bevels and a very good finish with the waterstone. We use the Tormek to repair knife damage such as chips and broken tips.


CATRA Goniometer

A Goniometer is a laser protractor that is used to accurately measure knife bevel angles and indicate bevel finish. As far as we know there are only about 10 of these in Australia.

What we do not and will never use:

  • any sort of pull through knife sharpener
  • any sort of high speed abrasive belt