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Sharpfection is no longer importing Wicked Edge products. This is in no way a reflection on the Wicked Edge products or our relationship with Wicked Edge. We still think the Wicked Edge is the best sharpener around and this change is driven by commitments elsewhere.

While we won't be importing any more products we still have some items in stock as listed below.


Sharpfection is proud to be a user of and the Exclusive Australian Dealer for:

At Sharpfection we were not happy with knife sharpeners we had or tried and knew there should be a better sharpener out there. So we spent a number of months researching knife sharpeners that could meet our high expectations of accuracy and sharpness. At the end of this process it appeared there was only one - the Wicked Edge. We were so impressed that not only did we buy one, we became the exclusive Australian dealer.

You can check out product descriptions in detail at Wicked Edge.

So if you are serious about knife sharpening, contact us to buy your own Wicked Edge.

Below are prices that have been updated to reflect new US prices and the recent fall in the Australian dollar.

Wicked Edge

No base, 100/200, 400/600 grit stones - A$365 (out of stock)

Registered and insured postage to most locations in Australia is A$25. WA, NT, TAS and anywhere in QLD north of Brisbane is $35. Please note that the cost of postage on the box is just the basic postage charge, registration, insurance and the cost of the box are on top of this. Free delivery on the NSW coast from Macksville to Coffs Harbour.

We do not import the bases from the US due to the high cost of shipping. A base is about 300 x 300 x 25 to 30mm and can be of timber, granite or marble. A drilling template is included with the Wicked Edge. You can either use a timber chopping board or better get a granite or marble offcut from a company that does benchtops. Most are happy to charge just  the cost of cutting it, around A$30. If you require longer or shorter screws because of the base thickness, you can get M5 countersunk or cheesehead screws from Bunnings for a couple of dollars.

Accessory stones

50/80 grit diamond stones - A$85 (out of stock)

800/1000 grit diamond stones - A$85 (out of stock)

1200/1600 ceramic stones - A$103 (out of stock)

1.4/.6 micron micro fine ceramic stones - A$145 (in stock)

3 micron diamond/glass face - A$115 (in stock)

Pro Pack II upgrade kit - A$190 (out of stock)

These kits provide even greater accuracy in setting and maintaining bevel angles. 


1/.5 micron strops - A$48 (in stock)

3.5/5 micron strops - A$48 (out of stock)

Blank leather strops - A$40 (in stock)

Blank Paddles

Blank paddles for use with PSA lapping film - A$40 (these are the blank paddles sold by WE to which we have added 2mm polycarbonate faces to stick the lapping film to, the faces are attached with double sided tape that gives good adhesion, but can be removed if required) (in stock)

Blank paddles with glass faces for use with PSA lapping film - A$55 (out of stock)

Blank paddles with aluminium faces that you can attach your own leather to to make your own strops - A$40 (in stock)

PSA lapping film

PSA lapping film gives you access to incredibly fine grits at a very affordable price.

40, 30, 12, 9, 5, 3, 1 and .3 micron in strips to suit WE - A$.45 per strip (in stock)

.05 micron in strips to suit WE - A$.65 per strip (in stock)

Angle Cubes

iGaging Angle Cube - A$50 An Angle Cube will allow you to measure your bevel angles within .5 degrees and brings a new level of accuracy to your sharpening. (in stock)  

Jeweler's Loupes

30x magnification 21mm diameter jeweler's loupes to see what is happening when you sharpen - A$5 (in stock)


Email your order to along with your name, address and phone number. Payment is by direct deposit into our account. As soon as the funds arrive we will post your items.